APEX 700 recommended by Simon Rösner

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The new APEX Line recommended by Simon Rösner

„I have selected and tested the rackets in the new APEX line.
I`m absolutely convinced of the exceptional playability of these rackets.
(Apex 700, Apex 500, Apex 300)
Furthermore this line is suitable for all types and levels of players from
hobby to professionals. With the incorporation of new material technology, namely Eplon™+K12, this provides an incredibily good feeling and touch.“

APEX 700 – Champion Edition
„This racket compliments me perfectly at the highest level of my game“
Ein leicht kopflastiger Angriffsschläger. Ausgestattet mit einer unglaublichen Dynamik, Ballbeschleunigung und Kontrolle.
A slightly top-heavy attack racket. Equipped with an incredible dynamic, ball speed and control
Material – Eplon+K12
Weight –  125g (frame)/145g (incl. Grip,Bumper,String)
Balance – slightly head

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