OLIVER Australia presents Lakeesha Rarere

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„I had a great week of training this week as I am starting to slow down my training schedule due to the upcoming tournament in Geelong (AJO 2014). One of the many sessions I enjoyed was having my last ‚pressure‘ session with Rod and Ethan on Thursday, while now halting the sessions, 7 days before the tournament, to assure we have enough rest. Ethan and I pushed this last session out to the max, to be strongly prepared for the AJO. We practiced foot work (ghosting), ball preparation (serving practice), A LOT of drops and our favourite drill – 3 man routine. The 3 man routine helps to play shot selection in a match and it also gives us a boost on how to win long rallies against your opponent. We all enjoy these sessions very much, and hope to become stronger and stronger in the coming years“

Lakeesha Rarere / OLIVER Australia

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