Beside the World Squash Masters Open…the great Kliptown Youth Project KYP

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Beside the World Squash Masters Open…
Visit to the Kliptown township in Soweto and the great Kliptown Youth Project KYP. They care for hundreds of Children by giving them access to healthy Food, Education and different Art and Sport Activities, what brings them together with the community and offers some more occassions for a more hopeful future. Many Thanks to Egolisquash who organised that tour for us which was bringing us directly to the Kliptown Youth Program in the Soweto Township, the Squash Facilities of the Program that is shared by different schools and some more very interesting Spots in Soweto.
They also startet a donation in the Squash Venues of the Tournament and a lot of Players left some stuff for the Soweto Children. In accordance with our Sponsor OLIVER Sports we decided to donate some of our Tournament Equipment, Rackets, Shirts etc.
Sorry for my bad English. Try to reach as many People as possible…
Volker Knerr / Johannesburg

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