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OLIVER’s program for the highest level of play.



OLIVER follows the motto “different rackets for different players”, providing the right racket model for every target group.



For the future British Open winners, we offer kids’ rackets in different lengths.



OLIVER Squash balls impress with their playability and durability. OLIVER’s DYD is the official ball of the German Racketlon Association (DRaV).Das ist nur ein Platzhalterbild.



OLIVER Strings are thoroughly tested by Simon Roesner before been added to the product line. These strings provide players with a decisive advantage.



The right grip is very important. OLIVER offers a wide variety of grips that are characterized by their moisture absorption, adhesion and comfort



Beginner- Squash Newcomer

First contacts with the sport, shot techniques are not perfected yet, lots of contacts with the wall during the shot. Speeding up the ball and sweet spot are some important criteria.

Hobby players

Plays regular squash, controls the ball and varies his play by playing powerful offensive, drop- shots and controlled defensive play.

Allround /Tournament player

Possess a solid shot technique and the acquirement to place balls where ever he wants on the court, controls every shot and is able to regulate speed, power and way of the ball.


The perfectionist. Excellent techniques on a maximum skill level. Able to seed precisely balls on the court in every situation. Varies his shot in hardness and length.


For a better shot control we recommend our rackets with the following construction: Balance: top-heavy – balanced | frame: bridge


For a fast play with many variations we recommend our rackets with the following construction: Balance: grip-heavy – balanced | frame: bridge, long string


For more powerful shots we recommend our rackets with the following construction: Balance: top-heavy – balanced | frame: long string, bridge


For players, who prefer a controlled, pressing and arm-preserving playing style, we recommend our rackets with the following construction: Balance: top-heavy, grip-heavy | frame: Orca System, Plastron System, long string

Racket finder

Balance point

In general three balance points can be differ from each other for squash rackets. (Grip-heavy – balanced – top-heavy). At some frames the balance point is located exactly on the transition points; therefore one could find descriptions like “slightly grip-heavy” or “slightly top-heavy”. For the high quality rackets the balance point is exactly defined and through the production process controlled. Thus some frames have got a low weight; despite they are top-heavy designed for creating a more powerful play.

Grip-heavy – balance point in the grip – feel the slight handling

These rackets provide a comfortable feeling during the game, because of their slight handling. Most of them are light and suited for fast racket manoeuvres. Recommendable for players with an offensive style preferring an aggressive pressing play and early ball control. Also for those, who appreciate the light weight. The hobby player has only to cut back at control and speeding up the ball, because of the low weight. Players with a sophisticated technique will compensate that with their playing skills.

Balanced – the racket weight is evenly spread

The balanced frames are the most popular frame types. They are favoured by Professionals, Allrounders and Hobby players. Balanced frames fulfil all requirements by supporting a powerful and controlled playing style.

Top-heavy – balance point is located in the top

Top-heavy rackets are distinguished through the noticeable racket top shape. These kinds of rackets enable an enormous increase in speed and provide ball control as well as precision. The player always knows the position of the racket top during the strike out movement. So the racket can be excellent controlled in dynamic plays. Top-heavy rackets are favoured played by professionals, because of their aggressive and powerful play. In addition these rackets enable precision, the essential criterion, on the highest level. Furthermore the rackets could be suitable for beginners and advanced because these rackets provide a better development of strike out movements and more pressure against the ball.

Frames with bridges or with “racket-heart”, Teardrop shape

These frames are distinguished through an enormous ball control. There are several longitudinal strings of the same length with similar swinging characteristic. The sweet spot is proportional bigger to the percussion platform.

Frames with long string or open construction

The essential criterion of these rackets is the speeding up of the balls. The longitudinal strings are longer and while a ball hits them, they will stretch out. Because of this trampoline effect the ball reaches more acceleration. The absolute percussion platform is bigger than by the frames with bridge. This reduces the sweet spot a bit, which is due to the string swinging characteristic smaller.

String tension

Usually the string tensions of the OLIVER rackets are declared for Allround and Tournament players. The longitudinal string of the long string frames is 0,5kg-1kg more hard stringed than one of frames with bridges. The string tension of a racket affects the playing characteristics power and control. Strings with a raw surface are used primary for the OLIVER rackets. This feature effects a better touch and ball handling.

Soft tension <10kg

Very high trampoline and acceleration effect. Ball control is reduced minimal.

Standard tension 10-12kg

Perfectly balanced between acceleration effect and ball control.

Strong tension >12kg

Only for technique accomplished players. The ball could be played more precise and the power is created by stroke technique and effort.

The used material has deciding influence on the playability and life period of a racket and is also reflected in the total weight of a racket. OLIVER uses for its own rackets only high quality materials. Uncountable racket tests proof that all rackets possess excellent playing characteristics.

COMPOSITE / Graphite

The grip is crafted off graphite fibres and the racket top is constructed with aluminium coated graphite mattes. These rackets are very durable and their weight is ca. 180g. Target group: Beginner-Hobby players

HMG (High Modulus Graphite)

This material is used in combination with other materials in the lower and middle price segment. It enables rackets with a weight of ca 150g. ,which are playable without vibrations and also fulfil higher requirements. Target group: Hobby-Tournament players


Metacarbon™-rackets provide an optimum of comfort, handling and vibration reduction. The Metacarbon™ technology enables through obvious resilience, improved power transmission, weight reduction and excellent handling, a more dynamic and explosive play than usual rackets. Metacrabon™ frames are offered in the middle and high end segment. Frame weights 130-150g. Target group Tournament-Professional.


The Nano-Eplon™ technology offers a perfect combination of lightness, stability and power. The new 3D-Mesh is located near the sweet spot zone, to increase the torsion stiffness and to support the power. The Metacarbon™ or Graphite areas are strengthened by 3D Nano-Eplon™ Mesh without increasing the weight. This material is only used in the high end segment of the professional line. Target group: Professional

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