eN-TRON 900

AERO-design is based on a rounded, aerodynamic frame profile which allows a faster and more powerful game with the same effort. SOFT GROMMETS provides a soft respond, reduces vibrations and is extremely arm-friendly during longer rallies. Due to its frame specification, the eNTRON 900 is suited for aggressive players who prefer an easy handling, control and precise shots.

Article eN-TRON 900
Art.-Nr. 33282
Material Nano-Eplon
Colour red-white
Weight 89 g
Balance grip-heavy
Shaft extra stiff
String / Recommendation Kg Core 68 / 9-10 Kg
Length 675 mm
Target Group Professionals
Playing Qualities Power

Expert Advice

“Dependable and balanced racket.”
Matthias Hütten Dt. Nationaltrainer DBV

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