EXTREME 69 light

OLIVER Innovation

EXTREME light 69
is an ultra lightweight racquet with newly developed 3-piece construction, integrated carbon grip and shock absorbing grip system. The extremely good maneuverability of the Extreme Light 69 offers the best conditions for top speed and really much power in the game.


Material EPLON™+K12
Weight (±3g) 69 g
Balance grip heavy
Shaft flex
String / Rec. Kg CORE 65 / 10-11
Target group Pro/Tournament
Item-No. / EAN 4028067332847
Playing Qualities AllroundSpeed

Expert Advice

“I never thought that it would be possible to build such a light racquet that would give you such a good feel.” (Alan Erben, 2.BL Schorndorf / Germany)

“The EXTREME 69 is awesome! I expected, I need some getting used to. That was not the case. I was able to get started right away. High frequency, high speed, hard smash, good control. I’m just impressed. “(Anna-Lena Zorn, BSV Eggenstein / Talent Team Germany AK15)

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