Golf-Rackets Woods

Driver #1

The P12 driver is a combination of a inside welded carbon crown along with a titan clubhead. The energy response is slightly below 1 and the enlarged sweetspot leads to added forgiveness.


Loft 11°
Lie 58,0°
Length 45,0″
Weight 190g
Swingweight D0

Wood Reihe

Moulded graphit combined with a stainless steelface allows almost every size and weight balance. The Centric P12 line offers wood 3, 5, 7 and 9. The construction is similar to the driver which leads to relatively high take off angles and low spinvalues. A perfect symbioses between control and length.

A: Racket head with large sweetspot.

B:Extra slim racket frame for an amazing COR.

C:Sweetspot made out of Metacarbon for more Power.

D:Optimal balanced, slightly top-heavy for optimal control.

E: T-Wet. Titanium strengthend

More Wood 3

Loft 16°
Lie 57,0°
Length 43,0″
Weight 205g
Swingweight D0

More Wood 5

Loft 18°
Lie 58,0°
Length 42,0″
Weight 213g
Swingweight D0

More Wood 7

Loft 20°
Lie 59,0°
Length 41,5″
Weight 218g
Swingweight D0

More Wood 9

Loft 23°
Lie 59,5°
Length 41,0″
Weigth 223g
Swingweight D0

Trouble Wood

“Are you in trouble – get out of trouble” This simple motto did lead to an extreme flat wood which enables you to go through the semirough without any problems and which leads to a unknown distance out of such situations. The 17° wood can although be used in the bunker as long as the ball is placed on top of the sand. A fantastic and easy weapon.


Loft 15°/17°
Lie 58°/59°
Length 42“/41,5“
Weight 195 g/190 g
Swingweight D0


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