Simon Rösner im Finale der Swedish Squash Open

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Mit einer super starken Leistung und Siegen über Declan James, Daryl Selby, Tarek Momen zieht Simon Rösner in das Finale der mit 70.000$ dotierten Swedish Squash Open in Linköping ein, dass er zum Schluß mit 1:3 verliert.
„Congrats to my friend Ali Farag – علي فرج for taking the title in Sweden. Lost 1:3. Had a great week here – just not quite enough in the tank in the end against Ali, who has absolutely deserved this victory. Thanks to the whole Swedish Open Crew, Freddie and his team who have made us feel so welcome here in Linköping. See you next year for sure.“ Simon Rösner / Linköping (Schweden)

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